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Insight Wellbeing Services Ltd is an organisation specialising in
motivational speaking, training, fostering consultancy and mentoring for
children, young people and adults who have experienced childhood


We provide insightful value, challenge, and hope that one needs to live fulfilling and edified lives through offering listening ears, tools, and strategies to improve many aspects of clients lives. 

about nick barwick

DIRECTOR, insight wellbeing.

Nick was raised in foster care and knows a few things about having to overcome adversity and battle against labels and stigmas attached to children in the care system.

Nick began his journey of self-recovery at the age of 13 when he was given the opportunity to move to foster carers who promoted his education, encouraged him to achieve his potential and never give up.

However, because of Nick’s past trauma, behaviours manifested themselves in the form of anger, aggression, verbal abuse and manipulation. Nick was treading the path of becoming “just another statistic” until suddenly something clicked inside him which completely changed his perspective and finally convinced him to listen to the advice of others and accept help.

From this moment, Nick began to achieve. 

The director, Nick Barwick, developed Insight Wellbeing stemming from his passion in wanting to ensure that children and young people in the care system have a voice and know how to utilise their voices to have the best possible opportunities and experiences available to them whilst in care.

Nick has an incredible amount of respect for foster carers and social workers and chose to tell his story to these professionals in particular as they have a direct link to the children in care and can be the people who help children achieve their potential.

He believes that everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is on a path towards achieving their potential. Everyone deserves to have someone who believes in them. Nick is this person.

about insight wellbeing with nick barwick

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