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holding hands showing training for carers and social workers foster carer and wellbeing services in manchester

who are insight?

Insight Wellbeing Services are a specialist organisation offering  motivational/keynote speaking; training for foster carers, adopters, social workers, teachers, commissioners, policy and decision makers; 

Mentoring services to children and young people in the care system. As well as care experienced people and foster carers.  

By working with Insight, you will gain incredible value and will not be disappointed

motivational talks

Highly engaging and thought provoking motivational/keynote talks full of inspiration, emotion and energy.

training courses

Incredibly emotive lived experience trainings designed to inform, teach, inspire, and ensure that the voices of children are always heard.


Tailored packages designed to meet the needs of every individual child referred to insight. Mentoring services also provided for foster carers.

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Uplifting stories?

We have years of experience helping to improve the lives of people from various backgrounds given Nick’s extensive first-hand experience.

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woman raising her hands showing training for carers and social workers foster care and wellbeing services in manchester
Nick Barwick, training for social workers foster carers and teachers in Manchester keynote and motivational speaking

looking for?

Inspiring individuals?

Nick has first hand gone through the unfortunate and difficult experience that unfortunately a lot of children in the care system go through.

He shares some inspiring stories of how he was destined to fail but otherwise overcame some of life’s greatest obstacles and now looks to help others.

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We help...

IINSIGHT aims to help individuals and groups who are looking to improve aspects of life and feel more fulfilled.

We predominantly work with children in care as well as providing training for foster carers and social work professionals to improve the experiences of children within the system.

In the same way, we also share personal experiences of working within the education system, criminal justice system as well as supporting mental health.

child going through foster care and wellbeing services in manchester

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