Nick went down many wrong paths as an adolescence without mentoring and was ‘statistically’ destined for a life full of crime, drug use, homelessness, and non-success.

 However, one of the key reasons why Nick avoided his destiny was with the help of a mentor.

Someone he considered a role model who was there to keep him on the “straight and narrow path”. 

His mentor helped him understand the problems of going down a certain path and empowered Nick to see his own value and worth. 

‘Insight Wellbeing’ mentors now work with a variety of people ranging from children, young people, foster carers, social workers, teachers, company directors etc to anyone looking for a sense of direction in their life and understanding about the complications that life brings. 

‘Insight Wellbeing’ mentors promise to treat people as individuals and offer positive challenges to ensure that mentees are able to achieve thier personal and professional goals. 

What type of mentoring do we offer?

  •  Fostering (children & carers.)
  • Adoption (potential adopters.)
  • Schools, businesses and other bespoke packages.